Partying in Las Vegas for Halloween

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Las Vegas, Nevada

We rolled into the Las Vegas Thousand Trails midday from St. George and were in for a surprise. The check-in process was smooth and the staff really friendly, however, their spots were packed together like sardines. The front office worker showed us our five options of open spots on the map and we couldn’t decide. They all looked small. Thank goodness she helped us out and let us know which one was actually bigger than the dimensions said (it was an end spot). We squeezed through the narrow rows (having to even ask someone to move their truck because we couldn’t pass by) and found our spot. We got really lucky that the spot next to us was empty because it took us a couple tries to get in. As we unhitched and started setting up, a huge class A arrived to pull into the empty spot next to us. We were so relieved we got here earlier than them because watching them try to squeeze in between our rig and the next one was hard to watch. They were experienced RVers though so you could tell they weren’t nervous about it at all.

Dog Park

After our stressful arrival, we decided to find a dog park for Carmen so we could all get outside for some air. We found Dog Fancier’s Park only five miles from our resort. This was the biggest dog park we’ve ever seen and Carmen had the time of her life playing with all of her new friends. The next day we picked up our friends, Sophie and Mike from the airport. They happened to be in town at the same time for a cousin’s wedding. Lucky us, because we got to spend time with more friends from home!

Halloween Night

On actual Halloween night, we met Sophie and Mike (and the entire wedding party) at Fremont Street for the after party! Everyone was in a great mood because of the wedding and ready to celebrate. Jason and I were Waldo and Wanda because let’s face it, we were lazy. I believe our punishment for not being creative with our costumes was having to hear “Where’s Waldo!” screamed at us all night. After a couples hours on Fremont street, we loaded into the party bus and headed to the penthouse suite for the after, after party.

Our friends left the next day and we just got some work done at home. Later in the week, we were itching to get out again so we went to South Point Casino to play bingo and eat prime rib. I had never really been off the strip on my trips to Vegas so it was really fun seeing that side. Bingo was really fun and the prime rib was amazing.

On our final night in Vegas, we went to the High Roller Ferris Wheel during sunset and were blown away by the view. The pods that you stand in can fit about 30+ people inside and we were lucky enough to only have two other people in ours! We enjoyed walking around and seeing Las Vegas from every angle. The prices vary but we paid $25 per ticket and the pod takes 30 minutes to make one full rotation.

After the High Roller, we walked the mile and a half to Hofbrauhaus for dinner. We drank out of steins, danced on the table, watched fellow drinkers pay to get paddled (ouch), and ate delicious German food. The environment here alone is well worth the trip! The good food and beer are just an added bonus.

On our final day, we drove out to the Hoover Dam. We didn’t get a tour inside but we did walk across the bridge above it. Honestly, we weren’t too impressed but I think that was because we may have been hungover and we read a couple articles beforehand about how the dam is ruining the ecosystem in the area. So, yeah. We stopped for lunch and drove home to get ready for another long drive in the morning to Lake Havasu!!

Food Please

Of course, we got some amazing food in Las Vegas, but these were our favorites.

  • McCall’s Heartland Grill: This place is located in the Stratosphere Casino and since that’s where our friends were staying for the wedding, our options were limited. The food here was good (but of course pricey) and we were honestly surprised to find a nice restaurant in the Stratosphere Casino!
  • Primarily Prime Rib: We ate here after playing bingo one night. It’s located in the South Point Casino and was reasonably priced. We paired it with a yummy wine and it turned into an impromptu date night! Got to love it when that happens.
  • Haufbrauhouse: Do you like German food? Do you like watching people get spanked? Do you like drinking great beer out of a stein bigger than your head? Then this place is for you! The environment is super fun and the sausages to die for.
  • Sushi Hero: We nursed our hangovers here one night and it hit the spot. They have an all you can eat option as well. The fish is fresh and the service is fast. Definitely can’t go wrong.
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