Monthly Income Report – September 2018

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I feel like every month I say that it didn’t feel like a productive month. We were able to create a small backlog to get us through the busy weeks this month but were not able to maintain it. This was a busy month with a lot of moving and activities.

We started out the month in Indiana at the National Grand Design Owners Rally. It kept us occupied with all the filming we had to do but that extra content really helped us create a video backlog. We then attended a travel blogger conference in Corning, NY called TBEX. The conference was a lot of fun but kept our schedules full of seminars. When we finally thought things were settling down, I had to fly to the home office in Atlanta for a week and was not able to get any Getaway Couple work done. To finish out the month we went to Delaware for the NE Grand Design Owners Rally where we did a talk/seminar on Taking the Leap: Transitioning to Full Time.

Even though it was an action-packed month, we were able to get a few workouts in since we joined the RV fitness accountability group, RV Fit Club, on Facebook. while this group really helps us with accountability, we slacked off because we weren’t able to stick to our regular RV routine due to the conferences/travel. This next month should be better!

Travel Summary

We live in our RV, a 2018 Grand Design Solitude 375RES, full-time and travel around North America. We currently move every other week (about 200-300 miles at a time) as we explore this beautiful country we call home. Below are some of the details of our travels in September:

  • 924 Moving Day Miles
  • 4 Campgrounds:
    • Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds
    • Ferenbaugh Campground
    • Gettysburg Farm Thousand Trails
    • Massey’s Landing
  • 4 States:
    • Ohio
    • New York
    • Pennsylvania
    • Delaware

Big Wins

  • Largest monthly income yet!
  • Highest monthly blog readers
  • Attended our first rally
  • Attended our first business conference
  • Partnered with FMCA
  • Partnered with Viair Corp
  • We were able to create a small backlog to get us through our conferences

Let Downs

  • We didn’t keep a content backlog. It feels impossible!
  • We have the lowest YouTube impressions we have had in 3 months 

Getaway Couple Travel Brand

This is a round-up of all income earned from our travel brand. This includes our blog, YouTube channel, and social media accounts.


If you are interested in starting a blog then start now! We ran Getaway Couple for two years before we hit the road discussing weekend getaways from Los Angeles.

  • Blog Articles Published: 5
  • Blog Pageviews: 12,859
  • Mailing List Subscriber Growth: 82.37%*
  • E-mails Delivered: 0
  • E-mails Opened: 0
  • E-mails Clicked: 0


  • YouTube Subscriber Growth Rate: 12.27%
  • YouTube Videos Published: 8
  • YouTube Impressions: 1,500,000
  • YouTube click-through rate: 4.20%
  • YouTube Views: 138,000
  • YouTube Watch Time: 885,900

Social Media:

We use CoSchedule to keep up with our Social Media posts. It has been a life-saver for us! We have been heavily relying on its Editorial Calendar functionality to organize and schedule our content for our blog and YouTube. The social media campaign templates allow us to quickly ensure we post our new content on all of our social media platforms. It has quickly become a necessity for us to run our business!


  • Facebook Posts: 25
  • Facebook Follower Growth Rate: 22.76%
  • Facebook Engagement Rate: 2.78%


  • Instagram Posts: 4
  • Instagram Stories: 72
  • Instagram Follower Growth Rate: 1.46%  
  • Instagram Engagement Rate: 4.44%


  • Twitter Posts: 41
  • Twitter Follower Growth Rate: 11.04%
  • Twitter Engagement Rate: 0.1%


  • Pinterest Pins: 74
  • Pinterest Engagement Rate: 17.90%
  • Pinterest Follower Growth Rate: 13.16%

Physical E-commerce Products

We sell a product on our own website and on via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Last year we grossed just under $100K with $64K pure PROFIT)! We have not been focused on the product this year because we have been focusing on the travel brand so only have residual sales from our website but Amazon FBA is still an AMAZING way to make some money and not have to deal with storing or shipping a product (except to Amazon warehouses). Amazon handles all the customer service for you AND you get the prime logo on your product while just sitting back and waiting for your check.

The best part is that you don’t even need to create your own product! You can do “retail arbitrage” which is buying something and selling it for more. It is really that simple. We will definitely be coming around to FBA again even if it is just for retail arbitrage because there is some easy money to be made. If you are interested in learning more about retail arbitrage I recommend checking out The Selling Family’s free 7-day e-mail course on everything you need to sell on Amazon

  • Orders: $539.25
  • Units Shipped:  25


This total is the sum of income from both our travel brand and our physical product sales.

  • Total Profit: $3568.28
  • Total Profit Growth Rate: 10.21%

We made $3568.28 extra income this month. How much extra did you make?

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