Laid Back Week & A Quick Lesson About Air Pumps

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Jason and Rae Miller sitting the bed of a truck in a open field in Washington

Kennewick, WA

After a long drive from Monroe, WA, we made it to our next destination. We spent this laid-back week at Columbia Sun RV Resort in Kennewick, WA. The resort was well-manicured, very clean, and had the friendliest staff around. The town itself is very small and very spread out. Honestly, this was nothing to write home about and just a good stopping place on our way to Idaho. We spent the majority of the week inside the RV working on videos for YouTube and editing pictures.

We did get to experience our first rain in the RV though! A quick thunderstorm came rolling through and a couple hours of rain followed it. We were excited to check out how the RV held up and if any water made it into our storage bays. Glad to report everything looked good!

Palouse Falls

We forced ourselves out of the RV a couple of afternoons to go take pictures around the abandoned mill/grain buildings. We also took one full day to drive out to Palouse Falls State Park. The drive out was nothing but farmland but to us, it was gorgeous! Lush green fields against deep blue skies are our favorite. The actual falls are fairly small and you could be done sightseeing in less than 10 minutes if you wanted to. We snapped some pictures and were on our way home in no time.

Quick Lesson Learned

On moving day we were hitched up and ready to roll. We turned on our Tire Minder TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) and discovered one of the truck tires was low. Thankfully, we knew there was a large gas station half a mile down the road. We drove down with the trailer hitched up and filled our truck tire.

There was a tire on the trailer that was about 5 PSI lower than it should be so we decided to top it off. I started to fill the tire and checked the pressure only to realize it was now 10 PSI lower than it should be. I tried to fill it again and it continued to decrease in pressure. Leaving us stumped, we looked up on Google what could be happening. We discovered that most air pumps at gas stations can only fill tires up to 85 PSI. Since our trailer tire needed a PSI of 110, it was actually deflating our tire! We called a Commercial Tire that was a mile away and they said they had an air pump that could go up to 125 PSI. Thank goodness!

We topped off all our trailer tires and hit the road. Week 10 was spent exploring the beautiful state of Idaho.

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