Monthly Income Report – July 2018

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Monthly income report July 2018

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This month felt like a failure to us. We produced less content than usual and that translated to less traffic and less money. It was our anniversary this month and we just haven’t been feeling inspired to create. We’ve been surrounded by trees and they feel very oppressive while the heat, humidity, and bugs keep us inside our rig most of the time. We are missing the grand mountains and quiet desert of the west. We have also completely lost any form of a daily routine and it’s driving us crazy. A single late night binge watching Netflix has turned into night after night of 1 am bedtimes watching just one more episode (Handmaids Tale, The Crown, and Castle Rock are the current perpetrators).


If you look at the big wins, we have actually had a fairly successful month. Sure, it did not directly impact our income this month but we were very happy with everything that we accomplished. We began some long-term partnerships with great companies that will be more beneficial for us and you (our readers) in the long run. This is one main reason that I began these income reports. So that we could step back once a month a review what we have done and what we can do better. We would have thought July was a huge waste if not sitting back and thinking about our accomplishments.

Travel Summary

We live in our RV, a 2018 Grand Design Solitude 375RES, full-time and travel around North America. We currently move every other week (about 200-300 miles at a time) as we explore this beautiful country we call home. Below are some of the details of our travels in July:

  • 338 Moving Day Miles
  • 3 Campgrounds:
    • Mays Landing RV Campground
    • Rondout Valley RV Campground
    • Alpine Lake RV Resort
  • 2 States:
    • New York
    • New Jersey

Big Wins

  • Secured monthly content creation contract
  • Performed Facebook and Instagram Takeover of Grand Design RV
  • Performed Instagram Takeover of RV SnapPad
  • Signed contract to create content for large RV association
  • Interviewed on The RV Show USA radio show
  • Recognized in Public for the first time**

** We have met up with people on the road but have never been recognized while in public.

Let Downs

  • No backlog of content created
  • Didn’t post Videos or Blogs consistently
  • Didn’t focus any time on our Amazon product

Getaway Couple Travel Brand

This is a round-up of all income earned from our travel brand. This includes our blog, YouTube channel, and social media accounts.

Social Media:

We use CoSchedule to keep up with our Social Media posts. It has been a life-saver for us and freed up so much time. We have been heavily relying on its Editorial Calendar functionality to organize and schedule our content. The social media campaign templates allow us to quickly ensure we post on all of our social media platforms. It has become necessary for us to run our business!


  • Facebook Posts: 36
  • Facebook Follower Growth Rate: 30.88%
  • Facebook Engagement Rate: 4.01%


  • Instagram Posts: 8
  • Instagram Stories: 68
  • Instagram Follower Growth Rate: 3.11%
  • Instagram Engagement Rate: 4.10%


  • Twitter Posts: 45
  • Twitter Follower Growth Rate: 0.31%
  • Twitter Engagement Rate: 0.18%


  • Pinterest Pins: 132
  • Pinterest Engagement Rate: 17.10%
  • Pinterest Follower Growth Rate: 27.10%


If you are interested in starting a blog then start now! We ran Getaway Couple for two years before we hit the road discussing weekend getaways from Los Angeles.

  • Blog Articles Published: 5
  • Blog Pageviews: 10K
  • Mailing List Subscriber Growth: 24.49%
  • E-mails Delivered: 443
  • E-mails Opened: 25.06%
  • E-mails Clicked: 20.72%


  • YouTube Subscriber Growth Rate: 16.65%
  • YouTube Videos Published: 5
  • YouTube Impressions: 1.8M
  • YouTube click-through rate: 4.1%
  • YouTube Views: 143.5K
  • YouTube Watch Time: 790.8K

Amazon FBA Products

  • Orders: $279.30
  • Units Shipped: 10


This total is the sum of income from both our travel brand and our Amazon product sales.

  • Total Profit: $1637.15
  • Total Profit Growth Rate: -40.89%

We made $1637.15 extra income this month. How much extra did you make?

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