Ice Cave Avalanche and Rae’s 1st Week Alone

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Jason Miller standing in front of Big Four ice cave in Washington state

Monroe, WA

At the end of Week 7, we had to move a little further from Seattle. Week 8 of our full-time travel. was spent in Monroe, WA at the Thunderbird RV Camping Resort through Thousand Trails. This resort only has 108 sites and half of them do not have sewer. The resort is actually split up with one half having the pool, clubhouse, mini golf course, dog park, and 59 sites with full hookups. The other half of the resort is across the street and holds the remaining sites (without sewer). When we arrived the camp host advised we just missed the last spot on the side with full hookups. We were really disappointed about this but it actually turned out to be awesome. The site that we got backed up against the Skykomish River and we had gorgeous views all week long. They offer a honey wagon service as well, so not having sewer hookups was no big deal!

In the RV Alone!

Jason had to fly out to Atlanta, GA for work this week so I was actually alone in the RV for the first time! I was really nervous about this but it ended up being a great week. I was really productive and spent some quality time with my sister in law, Libby. We took an afternoon and drove to Mount Rainer National Park for a hike. Unfortunately, the road we needed to take in the park was closed due to a fire but we still managed to drive around the mountain and snap some gorgeous pictures. On another afternoon, Libby drove to our campsite after work and we took an inflatable boat out on the Skykomish River. The water was so calm and we had a great time chit chatting about a range of random topics.

Hurricane Irma

Leading up to this week, Hurricane Irma formed in the Atlantic Ocean. We watched the news constantly to track her path and ensure Jason wasn’t flying into a dangerous situation. By the time it came for Jason’s flight, the path for Hurricane Irma was showing a direct crossover Atlanta, but it would only be a tropical storm at that point and no longer a category 5 hurricane. Jason’s manager (who was used to this type of weather) said everything would be fine and encouraged him to still come out. Jason’s flight did end up getting rerouted but his total delayed time was only 3 hours. He landed safely and spent the week in Atlanta with coworkers.

Jason Returns

Jason and I were reunited Friday afternoon! We had a yummy home cooked meal and spent the evening catching up in the hot tub. The next day we drove about an hour to the Big Four Ice Caves in the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. It was a fairly simple hike up to the ice caves. Once we got there, we were blown away by how “cool” they were 😉 We probably spent two hours walking around and taking it all in. Carmen loved them! She was trying to even eat the ice.

On our way back from the ice caves we loaded up on carbs at Omega Pizza & Pasta in Granite Falls. The meat pizza and antipasto salad hit the spot after a day of exploring. We started heading home through the winding Washington mountain roads and stumbled upon a sign that said “farmhouse brewing” with an arrow. We decided to be adventurous and check it out. We turned around and headed down the gravel driveway only to find the cutest two-story red barn! There were people playing lawn games out front and a tasting room on the second floor. We headed up and each ordered a beer. It was the perfect way to end a great week in Washington.

Being in Washington for two weeks was awesome, but it was time to move on. Now that we were leaving family and charting brand new territory, week 9 started to really feel like this was a lifestyle (and not a long vacation).

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