Hiking Angel’s Landing in Zion

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Rae Miller sits at the edge of Angels Landing overlooking Zion National Park

St George, Utah

After a packed week in Moab, we were excited to continue the adventures in St. George. We booked an Encore Resort through Thousand Trails, but it turns out it was a KOA. We’re learning that Thousand Trails partners with a variety of sites for their Encore resorts. It was a very quiet location located between St George and Hurricane, perfect for relaxing. We were even able to buy a permit through the front desk to clean our rig. Let me tell you, it needed it! This was only the third time cleaning our rig on our entire trip. Carmen is a big water dog now so she loved playing with the hose and get a spray down herself.

Social Media Goals

This week was memorable for us because we had a really good day on social media. Meaning, one of our posts received a couple thousand views on Facebook and we got our first troll on YouTube lol (which really means we made it big, right?). Our community started growing and we finally felt like we were breaking into the RV world! It was exciting to have people asking us questions, watching our stuff, and starting conversations. On top of making new online friends, we had our first visitors from back home!

Zion National Park

Our newly engaged friends, Alicia and Chris came to check out our rig and spent some time with us. It was really nice having familiar faces around and catching up on everything back home. While they were visiting, we went to Zion National Park twice. One day we just spent the afternoon driving around the park sightseeing, but the next day we went to get our sweat on. We hiked the Angel’s Landing trail. Alicia is afraid of heights and I’m definitely not a huge fan but can mentally talk myself through most scenarios. All four of us made it up the switchbacks and to Scout’s Landing but when it came time to hike the mile longfin to Angel’s Landing, we lost Alicia and Chris. They fell back to wait for us and Jason and I moved forward to see how far we could go.

This hike is not for the faint of heart and most definitely not for those who have a fear of heights. I kept my head down most of the hike up, only peeking over the edges occasionally to mutter to myself “nope, nope, nope”. Once we reached the top we sat and took in the surround views. It was stunning! We snapped some pictures, got some footage and started our descent. Now, that was another story. I found myself gripping the chains until my knuckles were white and moving slightly slower than the pace of a tortoise. Eventually, we made it back down and were reunited with Alicia and Chris. It took about another 30 minutes to go back down the switchbacks and make it to the shuttle.

On our way out of the park, we ate at Pizza and Noodle. We were absolutely famished after our hike and the food here was so good! We all devoured our pizza and salads and headed home. Our friends left early the next morning and we packed up the fifth wheel to head to our next spot. We crossed the state border into Nevada and rolled into Las Vegas! Woohoo!

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  1. How hard did you think coming down from Angels Landing was? Also, what kind of athletic capris did you have on in the video? So pretty! I need them.

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