Exploring San Angelo Texas

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Jason Miller and Rae Miller looking at each other saying "We suck"

We drove from Carlsbad, NM, where we explored Roswell and the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, to San Angelo, TX. The drive consisted of a mix of cotton farms and oil drilling. Not the most interesting of views but definitely different than we were used too. We were fascinated how they harvested the cotton and the amount left over that was wasted.

Spring Creek Marina and RV Park

Our campground this week was Spring Creek Marina and RV Park. It is a cute little park right on Lake Nasworthy. When we arrived, they informed us that they moved our site. While a little hesitant at first, it turned out to be an amazing site. Navigating through the park to the site was a little difficult because of the numerous trees with low branches. There were a few close calls but we finally arrived at the end site with no casualties. We had a large grass area in front of our door and a huge field about 50 yards away. The only problem I have with the park was the price I was charged for propane. It was almost $60 to fill both tanks (about double we normally pay).

Deer and Wild Turkeys

A lovely surprise was that Spring Creek park was full of deer. Every morning and evening deer would be everywhere! When we would return in the evening, they would be sleeping on both sides of the road. This was our first time seeing so many deer just hanging out while not in a zoo. One day while driving to town, a flock of wild turkeys emerged out the forest to eat some corn left out for the deer. That was another first. We watched the turkeys and deer fight over the corn for a little then continued to town.

San Angelo, TX

There weren’t many things in San Angelo that got us excited to go see. We planned on taking a cruise on the Tule Princess but they were closed for the holidays. We wanted to see Fort Concho but the Saturday we set aside to go see it was cold and rainy. We did get to explore the downtown river path a little with Carmen and admired the 12 days of Christmas lights they had set up.

This was a good relaxing week. We enjoyed many beautiful sunsets over the lake and watching the deer. We definitely didn’t expect to see more deer but our next campsite at Lake Medina Thousand Trails definitely takes the cake.

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