Huskies pull a dog sled through snow covered ground through the woods.
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What Is Bethel, Alaska, Known for?

Bethel, Alaska, is a beautiful destination that many overlook. The riverside city is small and unique. Visiting in…
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What Is the Devils Tower Legend?

Devils Tower is one of the strangest and most iconic natural creations in the United States. From the…
A woman sitting on a rock relaxing
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Wyoming Hot Springs You Can’t Miss

Have you ever been to a hot spring? This natural phenomenon is produced by geothermally heated groundwater. The…
View of Rock Island State Park
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Are State Parks Free?

State parks tend to be underappreciated when it comes to the American park system. They showcase some of…
A drive through the iconic Gilman Tunnels in the gorgeous Jemez Mountains is the perfect thing to add to your New Mexico road trip.
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What Are the Gilman Tunnels?

The railroads changed America in many ways, and the Gilman Tunnels are a modern reminder of what a…