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View of Chena Hot Springs in the winter.
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Our Honest Review of Chena Hot Springs

When we visited Fairbanks, Alaska, we took a little detour to Chena Hot Springs. What a peaceful, relaxing…
An RV driving on the highway past a welcome to Alaska sign.
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Is Chicken, Alaska, Worth Visiting?

You’ll come across some funny city names across America, such as Why, Arizona, and Sandwich, New Hampshire. Alaska…
The Nantiinaq walking at night in Alaska.
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Nantiinaq: Alaska’s Terrifying Monster

Alaska has a reputation for its rugged landscapes and extreme weather. However, somewhere wandering amongst the vast mountainous…
Huskies pull a dog sled through snow covered ground through the woods.
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What Is Bethel, Alaska, Known for?

Bethel, Alaska, is a beautiful destination that many overlook. The riverside city is small and unique. Visiting in…