Why Do RVers Get Dental Work Done in Mexico?

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Dentist in Mexico treating a patient.

Did you know that getting dental work done in Mexico is a popular activity for RVers? This is particularly true for snowbirds

If you didn’t, now you do! But why would they go to a country that isn’t exactly known for its medical care? 

In this article, we take a deeper dive into the world of dental tourism and uncover why RVers love going to Mexico for dental care. Let’s go!

What Is Dental Tourism? 

Dental tourism is traveling outside your home country for dental work in another country, usually for lower prices. Dental tourism in Mexico is famous for many residents of the United States, not just RVers! But, RVers have a unique advantage for this kind of tourism. Read on to learn more. 

Why Do RVers Get Dental Work Done in Mexico? 

Mexico is close, dental work is much cheaper than in the US, and you can walk across the border. You can park your car or RV, walk to the dentist, and come back home to your RV all in the same day! Plus, while you’re there, you can do other shopping, get medications filled, and eat incredible food. 

Is It Safe to Get Dental Work Done in Mexico? 

While you may have heard stories about poor healthcare facilities in Mexico, that’s not the case everywhere. There are excellent dentists in Mexico that work at clean and safe medical and dental facilities. In addition, many border towns in Mexico thrive on dental tourism, so they create top-notch facilities to attract foreign patients. 

If you’re considering dental work in Mexico, always do your research. Read reviews, call the office to understand your appointment, and get a feel for how they operate. Then, research the dentists providing care to ensure they have the proper education and a spotless record. 

The most famous border town to get dental work done in Mexico is Los Algodones. It’s a small town that borders Yuma, Arizona, and is by far the most popular border town for RVers. Because so many people go there for dental work, you might hear it called Molar City. There are over 350 dentists within a few blocks of downtown. 

Los Algodones thrives on dental tourism, and the money tourists spend at shops, restaurants, and more. 

A woman receiving dental work in Mexico.

Myths About Dental Work in Mexico

There are many myths about having dental work done in Mexico. For those who aren’t used to the idea, it seems crazy to travel out of the country to have someone work in your mouth! Here are the top myths about the industry. 

It’s Not Safe

The biggest myth is that it’s not safe to get dental work in Mexico. Mexico, just like any other country, has towns and cities that are safer than others. If you choose a popular border town for dental tourism, you’ll likely feel comfortable on your trip.

You can also research crime rates in different cities to assuage your concerns. When you compare many of these border towns with larger cities in the States, you’ll likely find crime rates to be much lower! 

Low Cost Means Low Quality 

Just because the cost of dental work in Mexico is cheaper in the U.S. doesn’t mean that the quality of work isn’t as good. 

Mexico doesn’t have the same medical system or insurance requirements as the U.S., so procedures there are often more affordable than in the U.S. 

As long as you do your research and find a good dentist, you should be able to get quality work. After all, the average dentist in Mexico cares about their work and their patients just as much as a typical American dentist. 

The Environment Isn’t Sterile

Mexican dental offices are clean and sterile environments, just like any medical office. You may be surprised at how nice the offices are in towns like Los Algodones!

There’s a Language Barrier

Mexico/U.S. border towns usually teach English in schools, and some schools make it mandatory. Dentists and dental offices in border towns, especially those that thrive on dental tourism, have fluent English and Spanish-speaking dentists. If you find a dentist but wonder if there will be a language barrier, simply call the office and ask.

Unsafe Water

Most dentists in Mexico use drinking-safe water in the equipment they use on patients. However, if you want to be sure, contact the dentist and ask what kind of water they use in their medical equipment. 

An RV camping in Mexico.

Dental Tourism Is Booming

When you’re unfamiliar with the process, getting medical work done in Mexico seems like a wild idea. But the more time you spend researching and reading stories of people who have done it will help open your eyes to the popular dental tourism industry.

You might be surprised, and you might even want to try it yourself! Just remember to do your research, call ahead, and prepare for border crossings.

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  1. My husband and I live near Nogales AZ and Mexico. About 45 minutes north of there. We have used the dentist in Mexico for several years now. There are many offices to choose from,and it’s only a block from the actual border. Our particular dentist was trained at Harvard, speaks English and they take our insurance! Their equipment is state of the art and better than some of the offices we’ve gone to in the US. We are very happy with the care we get there. Many of the people in our area go there as well. We have a friend coming to visit soon from Vegas because he needs implants and they are almost 50 percent cheaper in Mexico. My husband’s crowns were $350 as opposed to $1300 each he was quoted in the US.

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