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We're Jason and Rae Miller the founders of Getaway Couple! We provide daily content covering all aspects of camping from the smallest tent stake to the largest luxury RV. We've been camping for over 30 years and love to share our knowledge with you on this blog on our YouTube channel. We also write for RVSnappad.com, HWY.co, and are correspondents for the RV Show USA radio show. If you're looking for a little more structured learning on RVing, you can also find us as course instructors on RVMasterclass.com. If you are looking for a winter snowbirding destination you may enjoy our book Snowbird Travel Guide: Arizona
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Who Owns National Indoor RV Center?

Are you in the market for a motorhome? National Indoor RV Center is a one-stop-shop serving customers for…
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Who Makes Heartland RV?

It’s essential to do your homework before making an RV purchase. After all, you want to get a…
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Who Owns Forest River RV?

As you begin exploring the vast array of RV model options available, one of the first areas you’ll…
Welcome to Oregon sign as you enter Oregon for your camping trip.
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Can You Just Camp Anywhere in Oregon?

The western half of the United States is known for its stunning mountains, acres of forested lands, and…
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What Is Different About RV Antifreeze?

While shopping for RV accessories, you may come across RV antifreeze. It’s typically a bright pink color and…
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What Is a Toy Hauler?

If you’re in the market for a new RV, you’ve probably considered a toy hauler. The garage feature…