Monthly Income Report – April 2018

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Income Report - April 2018 - How we made $1560.30 from our RV

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Welcome to the first Getaway Couple Income Report!

We have decided to compile these income reports to hold ourselves accountable for our successes and failures and to record our progress as we grow.

The old idiom can’t see the forest for the trees really holds true when you are talking about your week to week business wins and losses. Our hope is that gathering this information will allow us to step back and look at the whole picture of our business (at least monthly).
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Another reason that we wanted to share this information is to help others see how much work goes into getting a travel brand off the ground.

I am truly inspired by looking into the past of large bloggers like Smart Passive Income and Making Sense of Cents and seeing where they came from.

Someday hopefully someone will read this and get inspired to begin creating their own side hustle.

Travel Summary

We live in our RV, a Grand Design 375RES, full-time and travel around North America. We currently move every week (about 200 miles at a time) as we explore this beautiful country we call home. Below are some of the details of our travels in April:

  • 561 Moving Day Miles
  • 16 Moving Day Driving Hours
  • 4 Campgrounds:
    • Miami Everglades RV Resort
    • Thousand Trails Orlando RV Resort
    • Devils Den Spring
    • Walkabout Camp & RV Park
  • 2 States
    • Florida
    • Georgia

Big Wins:

Pinterest traffic explosion from blog post “7 Beginner RV Mistakes (That you can Avoid)”. The post received 5,456 sessions out of 8,901 total blog sessions or 61% of traffic.

We just purchased the course Pinterest Traffic Avalanche from and implemented a few of the items we saw skimming the course on this one blog post. WOW! Going through the course and implementing its suggestions is going to be a priority for May.

Let Downs:

YouTube numbers were down this month. We believe this to be because we only published 8 videos in March, with 7 of those in the first half of the month. Then 8 out of the 12 videos published in April were published in the second half of the month. This led to 5 videos (3 Campground Reviews, 1 Product Review, and 1 Vlog) in a 4-week span.

We are improving this next month by implementing CoSchedule (a content calendar and social media team wrapped into one). It has already helped us plan for the content we need to create.

Getaway Couple Travel Brand

  • Amazon Affiliate Total Earnings $91.23
  • YouTube Ad Revenue: $189.47
  • Sponsorships: $125.00
  • Total Profit: $405.70
  • Hours worked: 145
  • $3.05 / Hourly Wage

Social Media:

  • Facebook Posts: 45
  • Instagram Posts: 19
  • Twitter Posts: 65
  • Pinterest Pins: 24

CoSchedule made sharing across our social media accounts simple. We have only just started to implement it as our content calender for the blog and YouTube content but it has already shown that it more than makes up for its steep (for a new blogger) price point of $49/month.


  • Blog Articles Published: 5
  • Blog Pageviews: 8,947
  • New Mailing List Subscribers: 35


  • YouTube Videos Published: 12
  • YouTube Impressions: 522.8K
  • YouTube click-through rate: 4.6%
  • YouTube Views: 55.9K
  • YouTube Watch Time: 272.1K

Amazon Products

  • Orders: $1,579.59
  • Units Shipped: 41
  • My Cost: $454.69
  • Total Profit: $1124.90
  • Hours worked: 25
  • $44.99 / Hourly Wage


  • Total Profit: $1530.60
  • Total Hours worked: 170
  • $9.00 / Hourly Wage

Overall, not a bad month! I hope this gives you some insight into what’s required to start a side business. Luckily for us, we enjoy being forced to go out and do something interesting for our YouTube or blog so $9/hour isn’t bad when you are having fun. It is also important to note that I work full-time so this is all additional income. Make sure to come back next month to watch our growth. Also, if you don’t hear from us feel free to reach out and keep us accountable.

So I made $1,530.60 extra last month. How did you do in April?

  1. I think a monthly extra-income report is going to be a big draw for you guys, as it seems the biggest question folks who are considering the RV life are consistently asking how to work out the finances and of the Vloggers I follow, none have this level of financial transparency. It seems almost all the full-timers on YouTube address this with a single video, maybe 2 (depending on how long they’ve been full-timers), but a monthly report is something no one I am aware of is doing. As a person with a (very) minor degree in biz management and marketing, it’s a great way to set yourselves apart, further empower your branding efforts, increase your extra income AND help the many of us out here still living in brick and mortar homes but planning to some day join the ever-increasing nomadic population eating up the asphalt across the USA.

    I don’t know if you guys follow the Keep Your Daydream family, but they just hit 100k YouTube subscribers late in April. Marc is a professional marketer by career and he’s done an amazing job of marketing the KYD brand…to the point where, while I’m pretty sure he still works at his usual self-employed job while on the road, I get the feeling they are closing in on being able to finance themselves totally on income earned from their YouTube channel and website. They just bought a new Grand Design Reflection travel trailer and a new truck, are headed to Alaska via the Alcan this summer. Marc markets a course in how to set up and “feed” a YouTube channel, and while it’s not cheap, it’s not horribly expensive either (anything that costs money is “cheap” or “expensive” relative to the person purchasing it, of course) and one of his recent “graduates” just launched his own channel 2 weeks ago…and it’s GREAT! KYD has links to his new channel on their website, suggest you check it out if you have time, it’s a hoot!

  2. This is awesome! You are keeping it real and showing people what it takes to run any business that is social media based. Success takes hard work and passion! You have both. Your tips are great! Love following your journey getaway couple!

  3. Enjoying your videos and blog. Have you guys thought about Patreon? Some of the other YouTubers used it and it seems to work for them.

    1. We have and will most likely start one in the next fews months. We have been pretty busy recently so have been waiting until we can offer something extra and worthwhile to our Patrons.

  4. Jason this is great information to share with your followers, I enjoy your content because I feel like you guys are keeping it as real as possible and are a lot like most middle class folks as far as debt to income ratio. Love your channel and now your blog!

    1. We like to think so too. We are just two people who work hard and want to show other people that it is attainable for them as well

  5. Love the monthly income report info…. ! Subscribed to your YouTube channel yesterday and have already started binge watching….. love the info there as well ! Looking forward to seeing & reading more from you.

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